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‘I can now set my boundaries in a friendly way, so the relationship between me and my students is not damaged when I reinforce positive behavior.’

Take the 4-hour Friendly Keeping Order course led by a coach/expert. We usually teach this course to one student and sometimes to two students at the same time, so there is enough attention to your teaching practice.
After you have paid, we will contact you by phone within two business days and schedule an online course date together.


Target Group
This course is intended for individual teachers and trainee teachers.

Purpose and content of the course
With a coach you find solutions to improve your style of teaching.
The coach gives you a number of times the opportunity to determine the topic to be discussed. First you indicate how you deal with a topic yourself. Only then does the coach, drawing on his or her own experience and referring to Friendly and Fair Teaching, gives you an advice. You thus determine the course direction.

Group size
Usually one participant, sometimes two.

The course is available in English and Dutch.

On the Friendly and Fair Teaching website we only offer an online course.

The course Friendly and Fair Teaching is given by coaches:
Johan ’t Hart – Secondary education
Wietske Tijssen – Primary education

Duration of the course.
The course itself lasts four hours (consecutive).

– After the course, you receive an email with a certificate of participation.
– Until half a year after the course you can ask questions to your coach by email.
– You can continue to use the website.
– You will receive our newsletter.

Complete payment
After you have completed the payment, a coach of Friendly and Fair Teaching will contact you. In consultation we determine date and time. You can indicate in that conversation whether you have a preference for a coach. If possible, we will take this into account.

At the specified email address you will receive within a week after payment:
– An invoice as a pdf. Ask your school administration if it is possible to make use of a personal training budget. You can then use this invoice, along with proof of payment, to declare the amount to your school’s administration.
– Terms and conditions.
– Link to the online course.
– An assignment to prepare for the course.

Friendly and Fair Teaching / Vriendelijk Orde Houden is an initiative of the Rapucation Foundation. The Rapucation foundation is an Public Benefit Institution.

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Online Course FFT

Friendly and Fair Teaching Course for teachers outside the Netherlands